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Author: Vanessa Simms

Google AdWords has proved itself repeatedly as an effective marketing tool for small to medium business startups looking for growth and brand recognition. Some marketing professionals choose to use AdWords exclusively for their clients while others like to add other marketing methods to increase sales. Which is best for you and is there a comparable marketing method that you should be using alongside your AdWords campaign? What is AdWords? First, let’s take a look at what AdWords...

The goal of your business website is to attract more customers and increase sales. Sure, it does a lot more than that, but its primary goal is more customers and more sales. Keeping that idea in mind, the business owner has to ask himself or herself the question, “Does my website really do what it needs to make my business successful?” After many business owners ask themselves this question, they usually turn to a web development agency...

A recent report focusing on market shares of some of the industry’s leading search engines, listed Google’s UK market share highest with an astonishing 88.09% of all queries. Is that number shocking? No, but it is much higher than expected and well beyond Bing’s 7.25% and Yahoo’s 3.48%. Why does Google hold such a strong lead and what has happened to Bing and Yahoo to make their numbers so dismal? The answer is features, effectiveness and...