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PPC Metrics

As the world relies on the internet for virtually everything, Google Ads has undoubtedly become one of the most popular online platforms for generating interest in goods and services. It gives businesses tons of great ways to market themselves online and reach out to a larger audience. How Do They Work? Google offers advertisements that appear in their search results with the use of Google Ads. These Ads work on an auction system, whereby advertisers bid on specific...

Running a successful PPC campaign is not just about generating sales, or conversions but factoring in the associated costs and determining if the campaign made the desired results. Many marketers ignore this aspect of PPC campaigns. The reason is that they are content as long as the promotion produced substantial sales. It should not be the case because evaluating a PPC ROI is critical to deciding whether you will launch other such campaigns in the future....

Click-through rates are one of the most important data points for you to watch when running an online advertising campaign. It is a ratio, usually displayed as a percentage, which shows you the amount of people that have seen your advert, compared with the amount of people that have actually clicked on it. This way you can see how effective your advertising is to call those viewing it to action. If you have many people seeing your...