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Reputation Management

2017 appears to be the year of fake news, with the phenomenon capturing numerous news headlines during the first few months of the new year. Google, the search engine giant, have found themselves caught up in the midst of this particular story. With some larger brands pulling advertising and policy-makers taking aim at those publishing content that is seen to be false, or particularly unpleasant, many of the world’s leading search engines, social media companies and publishers...

The concept of online reputation management has gained an increased profile during the past couple of years. In fact, some SEO specialists are concentrating solely on this area. With an ever increasing amount of business being conducted online, the importance of having a strong, positive online presence is clear. To a certain extent, reputation management comes into its own when there are other business failings. Dealing with negative reviews An obvious situation where assistance may be needed is in...

We're going to be providing a regular series of articles focusing on different aspects of search engine optimisation. Since we're based in the UK, many of these articles will naturally centre on the industry in this country. But we're sure that plenty of the issues discussed will be relevant to a broader audience. In this issue, we're going to take a look at online reputation management. You may not be familiar with what this area is all...