PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns have many advantages. In particular, they can provide you with an immediate source of website visitors, customers and sales.

But these extra sales come at a price. If you're not careful, you can soon find that you're spending more on PPC than you're deriving as a result.

The main PPC systems have become increasingly complicated in recent years. We've been working in this area for almost a decade and we've seen many changes in that place.

Google Adwords

The Google Adwords system allows you to place adverts on Google - the leading search engine here in the UK (and the world).

You can use Adwords to jump up the search engine listings. In effect, you can leap directly on to page one. It seems like a fairly simple process, but it's difficult to get the best value for money.

Our expertise can help in many ways. We are experienced in getting the most out of the system. Our approach includes:

  • Keyword research, to help you find out where you need to appear
  • Analysis of competitor advertising
  • Expert ad writing, ensuring that your Click Through Rates (CTRs) remain high
  • Landing page analysis, to make sure that your customers find the most relevant page on your site
  • Return on Investment (ROI) optimisation - helping to keep costs low and sales high
  • Regular reporting

If you'd like to learn more about what we can do for you then please contact us. Our PPC management service is aimed at businesses of all sizes.

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Are you looking to increase sales? Generate more leads? Reduce your costs? We can help you to meet your objectives.

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