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The world is currently battling the Corona Virus pandemic that has spread rapidly across the world within a few months. Societies have had to adapt to new ways of life with authorities locking down many industries and restricting international travel. Life as we knew it has changed rapidly with people encouraged to wear face masks when out in public and observe social distancing where possible. With these changes, some businesses have been adversely affected. Many industries have...

A good number of businesses use Google Ads platform for online advertising. However, Bing offers an alternative and is advantageous in many ways. Given that Google is the leader in the online advertising platforms with products like Pay Per Click, it tends to be very expensive especially on keywords that have a lot of competition. Therefore, most businesses are not able to advertise effectively using these keywords. On average, you will find the cost of a click...

Google, Google, Google. Talk to any SEO or PPC expert and the likelihood is that they will be immensely proud of knowing the ins and outs of ‘what Google wants’. This shouldn’t be suprising when you take into account the fact that a massive 66% of online searches are undertaken on the platform. Why wouldn’t SEO and PPC professionals want to focus on what is most likely to bring themselves and their customers the most value? However, smart...