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Add Words: Advertising On Google

Add Words: Advertising On Google

Google Adwords is the advertising system from the search engine giant that allows you to pay per click (PPC). In other words, you only pay when a visitor reaches your website.

In theory, Adwords (pronounced “Add Words”) represents a simple approach. But many companies have built up years of expertise of using the system, ensuring that they are able to create advertising campaigns that really produce value for money.

When using Adwords, you’ll soon be presented with various terms and acronyms that may initially appear confusing. We believe in keeping things simple and avoiding the use of such terms where possible. If you’re feeling confused, then here’s our guide to some of the most common words and phrases associated with the system:

CPC: This stands for Cost Per Click. Within the Adwords system, you can agree to pay a certain amount per click (by bidding). You won’t neccesarily pay as much as you bid (you may pay less). The amount that you bid contributes to where your ad will appear on the page.

CTR: This is the Click-Through Rate. Put simply, it shows the proportion of people that click on your ads, having seen them. So, if your ads were displayed 100 times, but only 10 people clicked on them, you would have a CTR of 10%.

Keywords: When you search for something on Google, you enter a search term and then hit the Google Search button. That term that you’re searching for is called a keyword. Within the Adwords system, you bid to appear when Google users search for particular keywords. By choosing the right keywords, you can get more sales, at a cost that’s right for your business.

If you choose the wrong keywords, however, you may be faced by rising costs and very little in terms of benefits for your business.

ROI: Return On Investment. In other words, what are getting back in return for spending this money on advertising? A key indicator, but one that too few people take notice of.

So how can an agency help when it comes to managing your Google Adwords account. There are plenty of UK PPC companies operating, with the aim of reducing your spend and increasing your sales. That sounds like a fairly obvious ambition!

This can be achieved using a variety of techniques, which would usually include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Testing different advertising formats
  • Ad scheduling
  • Account re-organisation
  • Advanced keyword targeting

If you need help with managing your Google Adwords account, then you can contact us for details of how we can help. Our fully-trained consultants are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience. We’re able to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your budget.

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