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Hitting the SEO headlines

Hitting the SEO headlines

A quick tour round the big search engine optimisation stories that have been making the news in the past 7 days.

We kick off with a report from SEO Diva, suggesting 8 tips to increase your rankings after Panda. An interesting topic and one that’s sure to get plenty of hits at the minute.

Are these tips useful? Well, I reckon that you’d get 100 different answers to this issue if you asked 100 self-proclaimed SEO experts. Our view is that avoiding penalties is all about providing a great user experience. If you achieve that, then it’s likely that your traffic levels will grow over time.

Do these tips all concentrate on end users? We’re not so sure. There may be value in adding videos to your pages, for instance, but only if it genuinely adds to the user experience.

There’s no doubt that you should avoid thin content. But should you be looking to create 700 words of “filler” content? Again, it all comes down to how users of your site are likely to react.

A post over at SEO Unique takes a look at the subject of paid links. It poses a potentially controversial question: Why doesn’t Google penalise paid links in the UK?

The first thing to say here is that we’ve probably all seen penalties being applied to websites that engage in link buying. On the other hand, it’s undoubtedly the case that many more slip through the net.

So why doesn’t Google take more action? Some of the reasoning outlined in the article makes sense.

The issue of link buying shows no sign of going away soon. Are your competitors buying links? Possibly. Will Google do something about it? It’s probably best not to assume that anything will happen in the near future!

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