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Internet Marketing for Small Business

Internet Marketing for Small Business

When we’re tackling small business Internet marketing, how do things differ when compared to the campaigns that we run for larger businesses? There are actually more similarities than differences.

We apply the same processes and approaches, but we’re clearly very aware of the budget that’s available. It means that we’re always looking to provide value for money.

In order to get the best returns for the client, it’s critical that we’re able to identify a suitable range of target keywords at the outset of the project. We know that there’s no point chasing “big terms” if that simply means that our clients’ sites will be buried in the search engine rankings.

Instead, we focus on the sort of search terms (keywords) that represent niche opportunities. Experience dictates that this is a approach that can pay dividends.

In order to carry out this exercise correctly, it’s important that we’re able to discuss the client’s needs in full. This means having a conversation about the nature of the business and the future goals. We understand that the online marketing campaign will play an important role, but we also know that it’s part of a broader picture.

Without a firm understanding of the overall requirements, we believe that it’s impossible to produce the quality results that are expected. We aim to help all of our clients to get more sales online, rather than simply aiming for more website visitors.

We encourage performance measurement and provide a full range of reports. The entire process is fully transparent.

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