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Why you should use Google Ads Editor

Why you should use Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free software that you can download to help you manage your campaigns within Google Ads. It allows you to make changes to your account even when you are not online and can be a massive time saver when it comes to making bulk changes. All you have to do is download your account into the editor, make the necessary changes even if you are offline and then you can quickly upload changes to Google Ads. We’ll take a look at reasons why Google Ads might work for your business and just what exactly you can do with it.


With Google Ads Editor you can make changes offline, meaning that you won’t have to waste time waiting for web pages to load. If you have a large account with lots of ad words, this can have incredible time-saving benefits, everything just loads so much quicker. Plus, it also means that you can make changes in your downtime, while you are on the train, for instance, or in the car waiting to pick up the children. It can make you more efficient. Google Ads Editor also has shortcuts that can help you save time. You can copy and paste for instance, by simply pressing CTRL + C followed by CTRL + V. This tool allows you to copy and paste almost anything, you can quickly set up a new campaign or copy specific keywords, ad groups, or location targeting. Another time-saving feature of Google Ads Editor is the ability to make bulk changes. You no longer need to update features in your campaign individually, you can select a number of items across campaigns and make one change in bulk. Gone are the days when you have to search through a long list of data and apply changes to each item on its own.

Quality Control 

Google Ads Editor really can help you save time and this is what many of the features are geared towards but you can also use these features to help you manage the success of your ad campaign. You can, for instance, use the search capability by simply pressing CTRL + H. This allows you to find specific keywords, so you can change or replace them but it also means that you can check the quality of the keywords that you have on your account. You can quickly and easily check, for instance, if you have any duplicate keywords, which can really affect the success of your ad campaign. It is really easy for duplicate keywords to slip through when you have a large and complex campaign, so make use of this tool periodically just to check that you are on the right lines.


With Google Ads Editor you have the ability to import and export files. The editor allows you to export files in either a CSV format, DLL or HTML files so that you can look at your data in another application. This feature is extremely useful if you are proficient in an alternate piece of software such as Excel because it allows you to manipulate the data in a way that feels comfortable to you and it might help you spot inaccuracies easier. Once you’re done editing your data you can just import it straight back into Google Ads Editor and rest safe in the knowledge that everything on there is as accurate as it can be.

Installing Google Adwords Editor 

Installing the Adwords Editor really couldn’t be an easier process, although the actual download can take some time. Simply head to their website and click through the processes to install the software onto your machine. It is free to use software so you won’t be asked to provide any credit card details. Once downloaded look for the Google Ads Editor icon, click on it and the software will guide you through a process of accepting the licencing agreement and setting up your account.

Adding your existing account

Once you have set everything up, you then need to add your existing account so that you can start managing your campaigns through the Google Ads Editor. Again, this is a really easy process so don’t feel daunted by it. Simply click onto ‘Accounts’ on the menu at the top of the screen and select ‘Add’. A pop-up will ask if you want to do this by signing into Google Chrome or to continue using the software. It is easier if you sign into Chrome, so do this if you can. Once you have signed in the editor will ask you if you want to see all of your campaign information, it makes sense to click ‘Yes’ to this. Once the process is completed you will be able to see everything in the editor and will be able to edit it to your heart’s content. Take some time to get to know the software, there is plenty of help on the software itself if you need guidance. We do guarantee that you will not regret downloading Google Ads Editor and using it to help you manage your campaigns.

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