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Key Google Ads trends of 2019

Key Google Ads trends of 2019

Are you a company or business owner looking for trendy advertisements to boost your sales? If yes, here are some of the most prevalent adds as seen on google in 2019.

  • Artificial intelligence marketing

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized how ads are done. You may be searching for a particular product online then a few minutes later, your browser is filled with numerous options similar to what you had been looking for. Well, this is what artificial intelligence marketing can do for you. The genius computer gathers information about your potential client’s next move, then uses this intel to suggest the best product or service to them. What is more, marketers are known to conduct surveys with the help of AI. This enables them to create customized services to their customers.

  • Automation

The inclusion of human assistance has been reduced to a minimum through automation. In 2019, more companies have jumped into this type of advertisement. Instead of manually sending emails to clients, the automation software gathers all contacts in your email or social media platform, then allows you to send them a standard message at one go. All you have to do is authorize this via a single click.

  • Amazon marketing

Amazon came up with a new trend, where it allows manufacturers to sponsor their merchandise on the official Amazon website. You may think that this is corny, but this helps in persuading the client to make a choice. If the buyer is torn between two products, they will choose the one that they frequently see on the screen. Several producers have adopted this advertising method. However, the biggest winner is probably the one who is personally endorsed by Amazon through this advertisement system.

  • Multi-channel adverts

Many companies have recognized the importance of advertising on more than one platform. Why you may ask. This is because the effect is better, mainly because of the variety of online platforms available. Advertising on a single one can mean the loss of several clients now that each person has their preferred site. Companies find it better to advertise on all social and professional websites to ensure that every person is included in their campaigns.

  • Client focusing

Companies have been maximizing on keyword usage to help clients access their websites. However, this trend is seemingly dead since every other person has mastered the art of search engine optimization. People are shifting to a new direction that allows them to cater to client’s need specifically. They are no longer relying on mass production of items to satisfy the needs of clients. So, it is common to find an organization availing industry-specific services. These companies then focus on providing specific services to each client, an area they succeed through the assistance of intensified customer service. The information individuals offer in various websites enables these companies to come up with products and services that are tailor-made for every person.

  • Viral videos

If you thought these were going away, you better think twice. Many people are attracted to video advertisements, considering that this puts a face to the campaign. And you know how easy it is to convince people to buy inventory if someone they trust advocates for whatever it is that you are selling.

  • Brand building

Both upcoming and already established organizations are taking advantage of newer brand building tools to enhance their brand perception. This includes the use of promotional activities that attract potential clients to your site. Of course, you have to provide attractive yet reasonable campaigns that lure and keep the clients hooked to your services. Oh, and pair this strategy with relationship marketing for even better results.

  • Memes and picture ads

Do not underestimate the power of memes. Yes, they are known to tickle viewers, but most companies in 2019 have incorporated these images to their advertising campaigns, and they have yielded attractive results. And while memes have reduced in number, they still have a charming effect on the viewers.

  • Old school text advertisements

A series of well thought out words advocating for a particular product can be very persuasive. You need to know how to entice the crowd considering that too many words can easily bore the reader. Some companies use plain texts, while others use either videos and images to enhance their appearance.

  • Product remarketing

It never hurts to remarket a product. You know why? Because there may be some people who were not reached by the initial advertisement attempts. Even more, others may have seen the ad but failed to make any decision to purchase the product.

Most importantly, remarketing can help reinforce your products to the client. As such, you help them stay loyal to you. It helps remind them why they should keep soliciting for your help, and not your competitors.

Our Take

Several advertisement strategies are on the rise in 2019. While some of them like search engine optimization have become obsolete, companies are incorporating the use of one or more advertisement types to enhance their effectiveness. More options like voice search are still at the initial stages, but with the current trends, it seems that this advertisement option will advance as people get accustomed to it.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.