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The latest Google Ads changes

The latest Google Ads changes

Five Big Changes Coming To Google Ad Platform

Recently, Google has made exemplary changes to Google Ads, which has created better platforms for digital marketing. Most of the significant changes in Google Ads platforms have mainly focused on mobile Ad types and features which have been changing each year since 2013.

Due to the significant changes happening in Google Ads platforms, marketers should be informed of the most recent ad formats and features coming to Google advertising. Google has announced five significant changes coming to Google Ads platforms which include the following;

a) New Local Search Ads to Appear on Google Maps

One of the significant announcements made by Google is in the search network, whereby maps will be inclusive in the search network. In the coming days, more ads will start appearing on the maps platform. The new Ads will begin appearing on the mobile phones maps app, on the desktop and also on Google itself. In this, potential advertisers will have a better and conspicuous platform because, in the new ads, brand logos and offers are positioned straight on the surface of the map.

The new focus on Google maps for local search has excellent advantages to potential advertisers because there is high online traffic from maps. There are billions of people using maps since over two billion destinations in the world depend on Google searches. Recently, location-related searches have grown fifty per cent faster than any other mobile search. Therefore, this newest ads platform will promote digital marketing across the world.

b) Expanded Texts Ads Get Double Headlines and More Characters

Google has also announced another significant change in the Google Ads platforms. Text ads will experience significant changes in terms of size and number of characters. The newly expanded texts will magnify the headlines, which will enable potential advertisers to move from a single headline to a two 30- character headlines. The change will benefit advertisers greatly as click-through rate will increase drastically with over 25 per cent. Also, due to the little space on phone’s screens, the double headline will make texts more conspicuous on phones, thus better-qualified traffic for advertisers. Apart from the expanded headlines, Google will also expand the number of character in the description line. All these significant changes will be appearing on both mobile phones and desktop.

c) Better Measurement of In-Store Conversions

According to Google, most advertisers use digital platforms for marketing their products, but 95% of their retail sales do not happen online. Most people who used the internet to search for products end up buying in the physical stores. In the recent changes in Google Ads platforms, there is provision for bridging the gap between online buying and physical buying by measuring in-store conversions. Google will rely on GPRS to identify whether the person who used the internet to search for a product ended up using the physical stores.

d) New Responsive Display Ads

Potential advertisers have a reason to smile because Google is on the way to making their work easier. Google is doing away with many hassles related to the creation of different formats, by adapting responsive display ads which will come up with the best format for your ad. Soon, all that will be needed is to provide Google with a URL, headline, description, and image, and it will come up with more flexible display ads.

e) Changes to Device Bidding

Currently, the bidding process in the desktop and mobile phones is dependent on each other, which have derailed growth for digital marketing. Moving forward, advertisers will have the chance to set mobile bids, desktop bids, and tablet bids independent of each other, thus flexibility and growth in the field.


Google announcements on the five significant changes coming to Google Ad platform will create significant transformations in marketing and advertising. This change will offer a more unified Google experience to all advertisers across the world.

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