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Improve Your PPC Ad Copy Variations

Improve Your PPC Ad Copy Variations

Creating PPC’s Ad words Ad copy goes beyond writing them as they are, including the feature words and a call to action. Many people running PPC accounts fail to think in between the lines, which affects the effectiveness of Ad copy variations. So how does one improve their current PPC Ad copy variations?

The Secret behind Creating Amazing Ad Copy

First and foremost, you need to know how to do it right so that you can improve or totally change what you currently have. For a long time, the three main variations one had to include were a feature, a benefit, and a call to action. Don’t get me wrong, these still work, but the thing is for you to outshine your competitors, so you have to do more than what everyone else is doing.

Using an active verb is one of the ways to be outstanding. For example, if you saw such a heading, “virtual memory repair” and “increase virtual memory,” which one would you go for? Of course, the second one is more captivating.

Another way you could better your Ad copy is by using unconventional calls to action and say goodbye to the typical “buy now” highlights. Make your Ad copies short yet catchy so that Google ranks them higher. Something else to look into is the landing pages where your ad directs your potential buyers. Are these pages appealing enough for a buyer to complete a sale or will you have a lot of traffic and a higher bounce rate?

Measuring the Effectiveness of Ad Copy Variations

Once you have corrected your Ad copy variations and introduced new ones, you need to make sure that they are effective. Effective means working as per your desire and meeting your outlined goals. Yes, your goals need to be well outlined for you to know how effective your PPC ads are working. Otherwise, you will be chasing after something that you don’t know.

With clear goals, you can now tell if your PPC Ad copies are bringing in the right traffic, if they are making people click on your CTAs and if the ROI on your site is increasing. To get the right goals, you need to ask the right questions. These questions include
• What do I want to achieve with these PPC Ad copy?
• Who is my targeted audience?
• What will a prospect be looking for to find themselves on my website?
• What would a prospect search for?
• How long will it take a prospect before clicking on a CTA?

These, among other questions, will help you gauge the effectiveness of the PPC Ad copy you use. You could search some of the keywords you consider using and see which sites rank at the top and the style they use for their PPC ads.

Improvements to Make Over Time

You need to realize that improving your PPC Ad copy variations takes consistency and improvements over time. What was effective five years ago may not be as effective today. Technology keeps advancing, and people are getting wiser, and so tricks grow old. You need to keep a keen eye on where the search engine boat is sailing to and make sure that you hop in at the right time.

If your PPC ads are doing well, think of how you could make them better. For example, if you got an increase in traffic but your bounce rate is still relatively high, think of how to improve on your conversion rates or how to place CTAs. You will also need to keep asking yourself the practical questions as listed earlier so that your improvements are targeted towards the right goals.

Variant Comparison and Testing

This is practically an essential bit of improving your PPC Ad copy variations. Testing has to be done to tell if your implementations are working or not. Here are some of the ways you could test your PPC ads:
• Compare them with your competitors. This will not only tell you if you are doing better in the market but also if you are keeping up with market changes. If you are relatively at par with your competitors, then you need that one little input that will make you stand out like including an active verb as discussed earlier.
• Do an A/B test. Use two PPC ad campaigns at the same time and see which one works best for you.

• How does your quality score look like? If your quality score does not improve, then there is a disconnection between your PPC ad copy and your landing pages. One of the two is not working right. Either the PPC ad copy you use is driving a wrong audience, or the landing pages for the PPC ad copy are not visitor friendly. This might lead you back to an A/B test to figure out which of the two options is the case with your site and then know how to act accordingly.

• Pay close attention to punctuations. One of the small yet influential aspects of PPC ads is punctuations. Statistics show that people hate seeing dollar signs or any currency sign on ads. Exclamation points are more effective. Question marks do not do as well these days.

As you do these tests and comparisons, remember that every site is unique as much as there is a lot you could learn from your competitor. Make sure that you do not just copy paste everything. Try using the opposite of what everyone else is using or a negated version of them to see if it makes a positive or negative difference.

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Vanessa Simms
Vanessa writes on a range of subjects for the Search South blog, but has a strong focus on her core interest area of Google AdWords management best practices.