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Google Ads Insights: Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

Google Ads Insights: Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

In 2013, Google launched Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). The system offers a refined, in-depth search strategy for marketers and enables them to specifically target their website’s visitors with the most promising conversion rates. In the regular search engine procedures your keywords, bids and advertising texts are uniformly constructed for every visitor who is searching for your products. With a Google RLSA campaign you can customise your marketing strategy by using specific keywords, higher bids and adverts individually suited to each visitor who is more likely to become a customer. It’s an effective way of making your marketing campaigns more successful by actively chasing visitors’ search results.

Connecting with Customers

An estimated 88% of online shoppers cautiously carry out extensive research and make at least nine visits to a particular site before making a purchase from it. On average, 98% of visitors to your site will move elsewhere leaving your business with only a 2% conversion rate. No two customers’ search behaviour patterns are exactly the same and they can involve numerous visits between other websites as well as your own. Google’s RLSA gives you the power to reconnect with previous customers by seeking them out while they are in the process of visiting websites, adverts or searching for the products you stock.

How your Business can use RLSA

Many companies have begun to discover the advantages of using RLSA campaigns to increase renewed interest from former customers in their services or products. Your business can easily optimise its marketing strategy by using the three main elements of RLSA in the following ways:

Keywords – Encourage further sales from existing customers by targeting them with keywords directly associated with their purchases made several months earlier rather than general descriptive terms. By using customised keywords it’s possible to capture an increased conversion rate of more than 300% resulting in an additional 30% Return On Investment (ROI).

Bids – By adjusting keyword bids your company can target visitors who display different search patterns. Much higher bids are reserved for visitors who search through the product listings and not just the home page. An increased conversion rate of 160% and further sales of up to 25% are fairly typical when compared to the standard search procedure.

Adverts – Create separate marketing lists to provide tailored adverts for visitors who show an interest in specific product categories based on their current and previous search patterns. This targeted strategy results in an improved ROI while successfully reducing advertising expenditure.

RLSA is Easy to Install

All you have to do to integrate RLSA into your website is simply add a tag. A Privacy Policy note must also be displayed on screen stating the site is using DoubleClick Cookies. Once the tag is installed, it enables you to categorise customers and their search preferences. The system can easily be used in conjunction with Google’s promotional facilities such as the Display Network and AdWords to create effective marketing campaigns. Analytics include performance results for individual customer listings to help perfect your customisation strategy.

How RLSA can Optimise your Search for Customers

The flexible RLSA system works effortlessly across any device and uses several methods to target customers at the specific times they are online. Customer connections can be made through their locations or their use of other websites or even apps. A particularly useful feature is the Demographics for Search Ads. It’s fully customisable to help you target customers categorised by factors such as gender, age or shopping preferences. RLSA will also optimise your search for new customers by using the Similar Audiences facility to seek out any who display similar search behaviour patterns or product preferences to those already on your remarketing lists. Every time you have compiled a list of 10,000 new customers, the system analyses their search patterns and uses the information to locate your next batch of new contacts. Conversion rates can increase by around 22% while reducing your costs by a possible 14%.

Target your Customers with Economic Bids

The Target and Bid feature allows you to present selected landing pages to a specific list of previous visitors by adjusting your bids on appropriate keywords. It’s based on their search patterns during repeat visits and such information enables you to make more cost-effective, targeted bids on a wider set of keywords. It even allows you to redirect visitors or present a special offer if they should abandon their shopping carts before completing their purchases. Using specific keywords instead of brand terms can increase your conversion rates by up to 300% resulting in a possible 30% ROI.

Selective Remarketing

While RLSA is ideal for chasing the customers you want to encourage onto your website, it’s also useful for blocking those you’d rather not have. These could include troublesome visitors who leave negative comments or perhaps you might not want to focus on continued loyalty. This strategy is easily implemented by devaluing certain customers or lists by making low bids on appropriate keywords.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Advertising campaigns can be expensive but by using RLSA, a business’ Costs Per Acquisition (CPAs) can be effectively reduced due to using targeted adverts. According to Google’s own data, your acquisition costs could be cut by half while increasing sales by as much as 10%. It’s a cost-effective strategy when compared to standard advertising formats.

How you can Qualify for RLSA

Qualification for Google’s RLSA depends on whether your website traffic has reached 1,000 visitors during the most recent thirty days. Your remarketing list must contain more than 1,000 members that have not exceeded the cookie limit of 540 days. Not all businesses are allowed onto the scheme including those that sell alcohol. Before applying check on Google’s list to find out if your products are acceptable.

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