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Is My Google Ads Campaign Broken?

Is My Google Ads Campaign Broken?

Google ad campaigns are among the best way to generate online traffic towards a website or online business. When used appropriately, Google ads can double traffic and revenue. However, you need to monitor your ads to know whether they are working or not. Inadequate monitoring of the performance of the ads can lead to losses. It is essential to continually evaluate the ROI of your Google ads because there is no notification for non-performing announcements. Here are a few ways to confirm the ROI of your Google ads campaign.

1. Track the increase in traffic

It is vital to track each ad campaign to know how many clicks each ad gets. Google Ads campaigns costs depend on the number of clicks that your ad gets. You need to ensure that the clicks spend time on your website or online store. The increase in traffic should be quantifiable; otherwise, you should discontinue that ad campaign. You should run several Google ads concurrently to evaluate the performing ads from the non-performing ones properly.

2. Track the conversion rate per ad campaign

Tracking the conversion rate per ad helps you decide on which ads are most useful to you. Conversion can be in terms of sales, calls or subscriptions to the product/service the ad is promoting. Tracking the conversions shows precisely how much output you are getting for all your Google ads. Set up a tracking system on the website for the source of clicks and to know which adverts are attracting more traffic.

3. Monitor keyword quality

Keywords are essential in the success of a Google ads campaign. Businesses avoid using negative keywords like cheap and torrent fearing that consumers won’t click on the ads. However, negative keywords reduce the clicks of irrelevant consumers while increasing the number of clicks from viable leads.

You need to use broad, phrase and exact match keywords. Broad match keywords attract more traffic, but not all clicks are viable leads. A broad match keyword allows ads to appear in a search that includes the keywords in no specific order. A phrase match requires the keywords to be in a particular phrase for the ad to appear in a search. For example, if the keyword words are “latest Nike shoes for women” then a search for “Nike shoes for women” won’t prompt the ad to appear.

An exact match keyword will only show the advert when the keyword appears like “Burlesque.” If consumers search “Burlesque in London” the ad won’t appear.
Different keyword parametres work for different products or services. Use the three keyword formats at the beginning and then identify the composition with the highest traffic and conversion rates.

4. Monitor the quality of ads

The quality of an online campaign can make or break a campaign. The ad should be relatable to your target audience. The content of the ad should be relevant to what your target consumers are looking to buy. Also, the ad should direct the users to the exact page where they get more information. Do not tie the ads to the homepage of your website or online store.

There are several things that you can do to improve the ratings of your Google ads campaign. Doing the right set up to attract more consumers is crucial for success. Online businesses are constantly changing, and the competition is high.
Tips to increase Google ads ratings for more visibility during searches.

1. Have unique and well-written ads

Poorly written advertisements convey laziness and reflect negatively on your brand or company. The ads need to be flawless, clear and direct. The ad should also pop in terms of graphics and the words used. Consumers spend less than five seconds on adverts, and you need to capture the user’s attention within the first three seconds. It means that the ads opening line should be interesting. Use unique words to avoid annoying potential leads with a universal language.

2. Specify ad campaign targets

Any business person sets up goals for sales, subscription and profit margins. You need to set the goals for your Google ads campaigns. Objectives will automatically prompt you to review cost versus benefit, clicks versus conversion rates and the overall success of the endeavour. Targets also motivate you to spend more of ads that are performing for more conversions.

3. Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a fantastic tool for finding unique and new words that you can utilise in your keywords. New keywords are can significantly improve the ranking of your ad campaign. Also, using Google AdWords helps you to select a diverse number of words for different ad groups. Using the same keywords in ads can lower ad clicks and the quality score of your campaign ads. You have to get creative in creating keywords for various as in the same ad group.

4. Know you target customer lifetime value (CLV)

Understanding the customer lifetime value will help you see the profit margins of your ads. The CLV gives you a specific timeline that you can recover your ad cost per customer and make profits. You should know the cost to convert a single consumer then use that number to estimate the amount customers should spend so you can break even.

5. Include ad extensions and appropriate landing pages

Ad extensions play a role in determining your Google ad quality score. Each ad should include extensions to ensure the highest quality score possible. All ads should be linked to the appropriate landing pages. Consumers who are directed to homepages rarely spend time looking for the necessary products. An advertisement for plus size dresses should lead to the page for the dresses directly.

Finding out whether your Google ads campaign is broken is a critical step towards successful ad campaigns. Non-performing ads should be fine-tuned for a better traffic or eliminated. Be wise and use Google ad campaigns to build traffic for online sites.

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