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Running PPC Campaigns During Uncertain Times

Running PPC Campaigns During Uncertain Times

The world is currently battling the Corona Virus pandemic that has spread rapidly across the world within a few months. Societies have had to adapt to new ways of life with authorities locking down many industries and restricting international travel. Life as we knew it has changed rapidly with people encouraged to wear face masks when out in public and observe social distancing where possible.

With these changes, some businesses have been adversely affected. Many industries have seen major players downsizing or closing down. The few that have remained operational have had to adopt new ways of conducting business. Many employees are advised to work from home where possible, and this has seen an increase in online meetings and forums. Popular teleconferencing sites like Zoom have seen increased traffic with more and more businesses moving to the online space.

The increased online presence of a large percentage of the population has opened up new opportunities. Businesses that have quickly adapted to the new environment are projected to make profits even in these harsh times.

Businesses are competing to get a piece of this pie all over the world. The UK based businesses, in particular, have moved to increase their online presence and advertise their services to potential online clients.

An online presence cannot be spoken about without involving Pay per click campaigns and social media advertising. Businesses that want to benefit in the online space have to make sure that they engage actively in all popular social media platforms to drive traffic to their websites. This article seeks to outline the benefits of leveraging PPC and social media campaigns during this coronavirus pandemic.

Wide audience reach

With governments urging citizens to work from home and observe social distancing, more people are spending their time online. Social gatherings have been restricted in many parts of the world, and this has left businesses with limited chances to engage customers physically. People no longer frequent malls and social events. This leave online space as the only platform left for a business to engage clients. By strategizing on a good social media campaign, business can market their products to the increased online audience. A business need to relate their product or service with the current situation to be able to engage clients. Informative posts that are linked to your products will as well boost your engagement and response rate will be positive.

Increased online presence

The pandemic period offer businesses the ideal opportunity to increase their online presence. With many businesses experiencing low traffic in physical customer interactions, the online space provides an opportunity for businesses to make a name for themselves online. Consumers of products or services are keen to look for companies that offer what they are looking for online instead of going out for shopping. Paid Facebook adverts are helping businesses make a name for themselves as well as PPC campaigns.

New markets

The pandemic has opened up new prospects for a business that can quickly adapt. With measures such as increased handwashing and mandatory requirements to use facemasks, products that were previously not consumed very much have become essential in daily use. Retail businesses can use this new opportunity by increasing stock of such products like hand sanitizers, gloves, surgical facemasks, and tissue. Strategic PPC and social media campaigns will ensure the public knows that your business has these products available in stock.

User reviews

When engaging online with business, a quick way to judge the quality of their products or service is by reading customer reviews from people who have consumed their services or products previously. Your business’s reputation online speaks volumes about it. Social media is a good platform to engage customers who have bought products from you since the reviews are visible to a lot of people. Ensure that you do a followup with the engagements that you get from PPC and social media campaigns to build a good online reputation

Post corona opportunities

Efforts are underway in most labs to manufacture a vaccine for the coronavirus. With proper tactics, the coronavirus pandemic is projected to come to an end. Businesses need to put this into consideration when making their strategic plans for this time of crisis.

Even as businesses move to make budget cuts in marketing, PPC and social media campaigns should not be scrapped out entirely. Keeping the audience engaged during this pandemic enables the customers to be aware of the business. Upon resumption of normal life, a business that kept its audience engaged will have an easier time resuming normal operations as opposed to a business that remained mute during the pandemic.


The pandemic situation has affected business and life in general negatively. However, the situation is not a permanent one, and normal life is bound to resume after some time. Businesses that can adapt to the new environment and take advantage of the opportunities that come with it will survive the pandemic period and emerge stronger when it is over. Adopting superior strategies that exploit the online space to do business is a good move for any establishment. Social media and PPC campaigns will help your business a great deal during this crisis, so consider starting using them as soon as possible.

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Vanessa Simms
Vanessa writes on a range of subjects for the Search South blog, but has a strong focus on her core interest area of Google AdWords management best practices.