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The 4 major common Google Ads mistakes and How to Avoid them If you have not been using Google Ads for your business, then you are missing on such a great opportunity to drive tremendous traffic to your business. Ads work quite effectively for most businesses since every click translates to a new visitor who is a potential client. However, there are a number of businesses no matter how much they invest in Google Ads, it still...

A recent report focusing on market shares of some of the industry’s leading search engines, listed Google’s UK market share highest with an astonishing 88.09% of all queries. Is that number shocking? No, but it is much higher than expected and well beyond Bing’s 7.25% and Yahoo’s 3.48%. Why does Google hold such a strong lead and what has happened to Bing and Yahoo to make their numbers so dismal? The answer is features, effectiveness and...

Reading some stories produced by mainstream UK media outlets this morning throws up some interesting insights into the world of digital marketing. A story in The Guardian caught our eye, with the news that internet ad spending in the UK topped £10 billion in 2016. The figures, which have been extracted from a report by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, suggest that there has been a 17% increase in a 12 month period. The Guardian also reports...