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Click Through Rates

If you're looking to create a successful online marketing strategy, budget for Google Ads. They reach about 246 million unique visitors, a projected 700% ROI and 3.5 billion interactions every day. Google launched the Ads feature 2 years after it became the leading search engine worldwide. Dubbed "Google AdWords" in 2002, the platform rebranded in 2018 and became "Google Ads."   Google Ads is one of the most efficient ways to drive more traffic to your website, generate...

One metric that all advertisers ought to consider working with is the CTR (Click Through Rate) of their AdWords advertisements. While it is still fine if you do not consider it an important performance indicator, it can help you know whether the strategies you have employed in your campaign are working. It provides insight into whether the campaign optimization strategies in use are heading in the right direction. The following are ways to increase your Google Ads...

Click-through rates are one of the most important data points for you to watch when running an online advertising campaign. It is a ratio, usually displayed as a percentage, which shows you the amount of people that have seen your advert, compared with the amount of people that have actually clicked on it. This way you can see how effective your advertising is to call those viewing it to action. If you have many people seeing your...