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Display Ads

The multiscreen world we are living in has brought a lot of changes in the Ad world. From the 25-35-35 character rule that used to grace the text Ads to the new character count 30-30-80, changes have continued to hit the paid search marketing platform. Getting to know the right practices for leveraging symbols in pay-per-click ad text, Adwords headline writing as well as maximally utilising Adwords interface such as the Google ad preview tool are...

Google has millions of websites that provide companies an excellent platform for advertising business. This was the premise for developing Google Display Ads. The ads are made of visual banner advertisements displayed on advertising-supported sites. Google Display Ads are part of the broader Google Display Network that is made up of Display Network and the Search Network. While the Display Network is believed to reach more than 90% of internet users, many businesses are still hesitant...