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Five Big Changes Coming To Google Ad Platform Recently, Google has made exemplary changes to Google Ads, which has created better platforms for digital marketing. Most of the significant changes in Google Ads platforms have mainly focused on mobile Ad types and features which have been changing each year since 2013. Due to the significant changes happening in Google Ads platforms, marketers should be informed of the most recent ad formats and features coming to Google advertising. Google...

Google has a huge stake in creating a safe and healthy digital ad ecosystem. This is something that the company helped to pioneer in the last two decades. Google aims at ensuring that the internet is useful to everyone. In 2018, the company was faced with challenges where online ads were used to scam online users. For instance, they came up with a policy banning for-profit bail bond companies since this industry was taking advantage of vulnerable...

How much should you charge for delivery, what options can you make available and what sort of impact would you expect this issue to have an conversion rates, sales volumes and average order values? Lots of questions there and a recent report has highlighted that relatively few UK retailers offer international shipping as standard. It's estimated that 78% of UK retailers don't mention an international shipping option on their websites, thereby meaning that they are missing out...