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What visuals accompanied your latest big campaign? Were there beautiful people doing beautiful things with your beautiful products? Probably. Were those people around the 18 – 30 age group? Almost certainly. And did anyone have a visible disability? Probably not. Marketers are coming under fire as the spotlight has turned on the lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry. With these issues a ‘trend’ for 2018, it’s only natural that the wider community demands we become...

The goal of your business website is to attract more customers and increase sales. Sure, it does a lot more than that, but its primary goal is more customers and more sales. Keeping that idea in mind, the business owner has to ask himself or herself the question, “Does my website really do what it needs to make my business successful?” After many business owners ask themselves this question, they usually turn to a web development agency...

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much of a link between Silicon Valley and Brexit. The former represents a fast-paced technological hub in California. The latter is all about the UK's vote to leave the European Union. But a report today in The Guardian suggests that British firms, worried about the impact of Brexit, have been looking across the Atlantic for potential solutions. The story begins with the news that: "Theresa May’s article 50 letter might...