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Your landing page can be the hero of your marketing campaign. Regardless of the channel or content you are working with, a solid, high performing landing page will get your campaign goals nailed down perfectly. As they play such an important role in the marketing mix, having effective landing pages becomes vitally important to your campaigns. Minor landing page improvements which increase conversions by just a fraction of a percent can positively affect your bottom line, so...

Unfortunately and inevitably people will always leave your website at some point. However awesome your site is, however low your bounce rate is and however well geared your content and design is to keep people engaged…people will still leave eventually. Betting is you have spent a lot of time working out how to get people to take actions whilst they are on your website, either through clear calls to action or attention-grabbing popups. But what about when...

To your Average Joe, landing pages can seem like a pretty simple tool to use. You simply create a page that has all the most relevant information on it, direct loads of traffic to it and watch the sales/conversions roll through the door. But if you have ever actually created a landing page and measured the results (betting is you have), then you will be well aware it isn’t just that simple. There are loads of elements...