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The two most important things for every Google AdWords account are increasing your conversion rate and reducing the cost of each conversion. Investing more money helps with the former but without the latter, your business will lose money overall. To help prevent that, these tips will teach you how to make your AdWords investment work harder on your behalf so you can earn more without spending more. Work Backwards from the Point of Purchase Working backwards, or reverse engineering...

Google AdWords has changed. Since last month, Google have been transitioning those with AdWords accounts to a new interface to be known as Google Ads. But it isn’t just the name which has changed, the updated platform has a number of new tools, features and layouts. The update has been rolled out in a bid to provide advertisers with valuable insight, which combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help them to boost performance. However, any...

Your landing page can be the hero of your marketing campaign. Regardless of the channel or content you are working with, a solid, high performing landing page will get your campaign goals nailed down perfectly. As they play such an important role in the marketing mix, having effective landing pages becomes vitally important to your campaigns. Minor landing page improvements which increase conversions by just a fraction of a percent can positively affect your bottom line, so...