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In 2013, Google launched Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). The system offers a refined, in-depth search strategy for marketers and enables them to specifically target their website's visitors with the most promising conversion rates. In the regular search engine procedures your keywords, bids and advertising texts are uniformly constructed for every visitor who is searching for your products. With a Google RLSA campaign you can customise your marketing strategy by using specific keywords, higher bids...

Google AdWords remarketing is a type of online advertising allowing you, the website owner, to display targeted ads to users who've already spent time on your website. Your previous website visitors will be shown these ads while they're online browsing, streaming videos on YouTube or catching up on the news. This means that users are reminded of your brand, based on the fact that they've checked it out before. Remarketing encourages them to reconnect with your...