About Us

Search South started out life as a partnership back in the year 2000. The two original partners are still on board, but the business became incorporated in 2004.

These days we're known as Search-South.com Limited. We're still a small business and have made a name for ourselves as a result of providing quality work.

Some businesses rely on manufacturing great products. Our strength is all down to our expertise. We operate in a knowledge-based industry and have spent the last 10 years immersed in the world of internet marketing.

As a result, we understand how to do business online. We've worked with a number of successful businesses.

Over the years, we've seen the very nature of the Internet change. As larger companies have poured more money into their online operations, things have become tougher for small business owners.

But it's still perfectly possible to be successful on a relatively small budget.

We've proved this time and again. We're here to help your business.

How we do business

Our approach is pretty simple.

Our business is all about our reputation. People choose to do business with us because we have an excellent track record. We're an established company and we provide quality.

Some internet marketing "experts" like to do things in a different way. But we believe in quality, ethical work. That's the way we like to keep things.

Further reading

We have a high profile online. You'll find us listed in the following directories:

Best SEO Company - Featured on SEO Compare
Best Of The Web
Business.com - Search Engine Marketing

You can also read the latest about Search South on Twitter and Facebook.

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