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Tackling Some SEO Myths

Tackling Some SEO Myths

There’s a lot of information about SEO provided online. Some of it is extremely useful, but there’s also plenty of rubbish out there!

Here’s we take a look at some common myths and look to answer some important questions about SEO basics.

Myth: You need to stick lots of keywords into the META keywords tag

So what’s the situation here and why has this become accepted? It’s probably useful to start with a brief history lesson. In the early days of SEO, it certainly was true that your listed keywords had a significant role to play in gaining rankings.

In fact, they were one of the key ranking factors. Times have, however, changed.

The leading search engines have become more sophisticated and now use many more factors when identifying the value and relevance of sites. Over time, this has meant that META keywords have become less and less relevant. In effect, their strength (as a ranking factor) has been reduced.

So what’s the situation in 2012? The leading search engines no longer take this tag into account at all. It was simply too easy to manipulate and is now discounted. Some smaller search engines do still read this information, so META keywords should be entered (for completeness). They will not, however, be central to the success of your site.

Myth: Lots of links will produce great SEO results

Ah, the question of link building! The reality is that sites with lots of good quality, relevant backlinks tend to be rewarded with improved search engine positioning.

But the key words in that sentence were quality and relevant. If you’re concentrating on quantity, then things are unlikely to go according to plan.

Myth: Anyone can do SEO

The reality is that most leading SEO consultants have been working in this area for years. In order to compete successfully, that means that you’d need to have a substantial amount of knowledge.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t do some things yourself. You need to be aware that it’s likely to take you longer to achieve results and that you’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way.

Myth: I should never provide links to other sites

The whole world of links seems to cause a lot of confusion. This is the case with outgoing links, just as it is with inbounds.

So should you link to other sites? If they are relevant and will be of interest to your own site visitors, then why not? They won’t damage your SEO approach and are likely to do a lot of good.

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