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Bank Holiday advertising: UK focus

Bank Holiday advertising: UK focus

For those running retail operations, UK Bank Holidays can be a big deal. But those who aren’t involved in retail know this to be true too: just try visiting a DIY superstore or a garden centre this Bank Holiday weekend! Information from Google on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend of 2015 demonstrates this pretty well:


But such increases aren’t only useful if you can take advantage of them. So how can you make the most of the opportunities on offer?

Increase in mobile searches

When looking at searches relating to home improvement, search impressions from mobile devices tend to exceed those via desktop alternatives. Why should this be the case? There’s probably a combination of factors at work here. Perhaps most obviously, searchers are more likely to be accessing search engines from home, rather than from their workplaces. If you decide to buy something while you are in the middle of a DIY task, then it also makes sense that you reach for the smartphone.

Understanding the factors that influence this pattern of behaviour is important, but you also need to be able to take advantage of the situation. Firstly, how well is your website optimised for mobile visitors? Do you have a fully responsive site that provides a great user experience? If not, it’s likely that many visitors to your site won’t ever become genuine leads or future customers.

What about attracting visitors in the first place? This is the other element that clearly needs consideration. Your AdWords account needs to be optimised to ensure that you have the positioning for mobile searches that will deliver results.

Help with tasks

What happens when you’re attempting to carry out some sort of fix or improvement within the home and you get stuck? Increasingly, the answer seems to be that we all turn to YouTube. In fact, more than 40% of UK consumers use YouTube to help them with tasks at least once a month. Having viewed a YouTube video demonstrating how to complete a specific task, a Google Consumer Survey indicated that 44% of viewers would be likely to buy a product that they had seen featured in that video.

Given the importance of YouTube at Bank Holiday weekends, how prominent is your business via this channel? If you don’t have visibility, then you’re missing out on new business.


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