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How competitive is SEO in Hampshire?

How competitive is SEO in Hampshire?

A lot of our work involves local companies and many see the benefits in ranking well for searches within the local area.

If you only look to serve the local area, then it makes sense to concentrate on generate leads that will be relevant to the services that you can provide.

One of the added advantages to such an approach may be that you’ll face less competition. This should, in theory, make things a lot more simple than competing on a nationwide basis.

But do you even need an SEO firm to compete locally? Surely anyone could get page one positioning for searches that are specific to Hampshire?

In some cases, this may actually be true. A minimum amount of work may be enough to deliver results. If you target a very specific location and you’re the only provider of your service in that location, then you may already have gained great positioning.

Unfortunately, most small businesses aren’t in quite such an advantageous position.

It’s likely that a small business located in Winchester, for example, may be competing for business in the city, but also in surrounding areas (such as Romsey, Alresford, Twyford, Kings Worthy). They may even be targeting visitors from Southampton or Basingstoke.

This opens the field and also means that they’ll be facing increased competition. In these circumstances, high quality SEO work can really pay dividends.

Even if you only target a relatively small area, you may find yourself competing with many other firms. Estate agents in Winchester or Southampton would certainly find that this is the case. A Winchester estate agent may not be interested in selling properties in Southampton, for instance. They may be keen to restrict their presence to Winchester itself.

But they will still need to carry out SEO work (simply because there are so many competing agents within Winchester city centre).

So SEO in Hampshire is a competitive business. That helps to explain why the search engine results are constantly changing, as competitors constantly seek to gain an advantage over their rivals.

By Keith Barrett

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