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The Winchester Business Scene

The Winchester Business Scene

We thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at the world of online business, with a concentration on Winchester. As a provider of Winchester SEO services, we have an obvious interest in this area.

But it also provides some useful pointers for those looking at broader campaigns. The Internet is so vast and Google, as a result, attempts to collect so much information, that it can be difficult to know where to start with an analysis of this kind.

The Google Keyword Tool, beloved of so many SEO companies, provides as good a starting point as any. So what are people looking for in Winchester and what do they find when they use Google?

For those who aren’t familiar with the tool, the Google Keyword Tool allows us to see an estimate of the number of searches carried out for particular phrases or search terms. Elsewhere online, there have been plenty of debates about the accuracy of the tool. We won’t spend too much time concentrating on those here. Instead, it’s enough to say that it really does only provide estimates.

There are also various complications when using the software. For techies out there, let’s just say that we’d examined local searches, with the tool set to record broad matches. Ok – now read on for what we found out!

These phrases received the most searches in April:

Winchester: 673,000
University of Winchester: 33,100
Hotel in Winchester: 18,100
Hotel Winchester: 18,100
Winchester Hotel: 18,100
Winchester School: 18,100
Winchester House: 14,800
Winchester UK: 14,800
Winchester City: 12,100
Winchester Council: 12,100
Winchester Cathedral: 12,100
Winchester College: 12,100
Winchester City Council: 8,100
Winchester Royal: 8,100
Winchester Hotels: 8,100
Winchester Jobs: 8,100
Winchester Hospital: 6,600
Winchester Weather: 6,600
Winchester Theatre: 6,600
Winchester Inns: 5,400
Winchester Market: 5,400
Winchester Cinema: 5,400
Winchester Rent: 4,400
Winchester Map: 3,600
Shops in Winchester: 3,600
Winchester Restaurants: 3,600
Winchester B&B: 3,600
Winchester Estate Agents: 2,900
Winchester Property: 2,900
Winchester Golf: 2,900
Winchester Removals: 1,900
Winchester Pubs: 1,600
Winchester Prison: 1,600
Trains to Winchester: 1,600
Winchester Storage: 1,600
Winchester Library: 1,300
Winchester Leisure Centre: 1,300
Winchester Hairdressers: 1,000
Winchester Jewellers: 880
Winchester Cottages: 880
Winchester Spa: 880

(selected figures shown)

The above list is interesting. In some respects, it’s typical of the sort of searches that might be associated with many UK towns and cities.

We can see a number of searches being carried out for local amenities, such as libraries, leisure centres and cinemas. Some of these will be commercial in nature, but others may be run by public bodies.

There are also plenty of searches for local government and for general information (such as train times, directions and weather news).

But what can we see when we specifically think about business?

Winchester is a popular destination for tourists and this is clear from the data above. Plenty of people are searching for hotels and accommodations. Pubs and restaurants also figure highly – this may reflect the fact that they are being identified by both locals and tourists.

We can also see searches being carried out for property, hairdressers, jewellers, removals companies and golf clubs. This would be a similar picture in many towns and cities.

Since tourism is clearly playing a central role, we’ll focus on Winchester’s hotels and B&Bs – this is likely to be where SEO is playing a key role. Which hotels are proving easiest to find online? Who’s winning the online battle for potential customers? Our next article takes a look at the Winchester accommodation scene.

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