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Approaching Small Business SEO

Approaching Small Business SEO

If you’re thinking about optimising your small business website, then what should you expect to be involved?

Our small business SEO service provides a cost-effective solution, but it also recognises that there are some fundamental differences when dealing with small business websites.

A large corporate, often with a significant online advertising budget, is able to make some moves that simply aren’t possible on a smaller budget. This can certainly make the challenge considerably greater for small businesses, but it’s also true that larger organisations tend to move more slowly and be less responsive as a result.

When we think about helping out smaller businesses, we always look to tackle the problems, but also build on the strengths of a more streamlined company.

A good example of this would be to look at your website. You may have opted to build a simple website, possibly because of a lack of budget. You may even have constructed the website in-house.

Looking at your site now, you may see a low-budget approach as something that might be considered to be a weakness. Although there are some circumstances where this may be true, it’s worth noting that you may actually be in a stronger position than you might have imagined.

A basic website may well be easier to update. This means that (with guidance) you’ll be able to make SEO changes more quickly than larger competitors. This gives you a much better chance of tackling issues with site structure, content and HTML tags that might otherwise be holding your site back.

When looking at the problems that may be associated with small business websites, one of the main issues that we see is that work starts from a very low base. Often, a site may barely have a search engine presence. Although this can mean that work sometimes produces results (at the outset) a little more slowly than we would all like, it needn’t be a critical problem.

One of the great things about working on such sites is that they enable us to really help smaller businesses to compete. The Internet is, in many senses, a great leveller. It can certainly enable SMEs to compete with larger rivals.

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