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Organic Search Engine Placement

Organic Search Engine Placement

Getting your website into the best organic search engine positions can be a cost-effective way of gaining new business. Our search engine optimisation options are all designed to help you get the most from your online business.

But when experts talking about obtaining improved search engine placement in an organic way, what do they actually mean? Most of us think of “organic” as being a phrase that describes natural growth. But, in the world of SEO, things are rather different!

If you simply design a website, build it and put it online, you’re unlikely to receive many visitors initially. That will probably be because very few people know about the existence of your website. In particular, you may discover that not many people are able to find your site when searching for popular terms in Google, or any other search engine.

In order to improve this situation, you have a number of options. You could:

Sit back and wait!

The theory here would be that, over time, your website should rise up the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, things rarely go this smoothly! “Hoping for the best” is unlikely to be a successful course of action.

Pay for positioning

Most search engines offer you the option to pay them directly in order to get your website shown. Google, for instance, has a paid search facility that’s known as Google Adwords.

But how about if you simply want to be ranked because you have a great site? Maybe you don’t want to pay for each visitor? This is when you’ll want to investigate…

Natural search engine optimisation

This involves making a few tweaks to your site to ensure that the search engines understand what it’s all about. It’s then a case of letting them know about the changes and why your website should be ranked more highly than your competitors. This is the world of SEO!

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