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Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360

Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360

The world of Google AdWords has seen some pretty big changes in the past few years. The system has certainly become more complex over time, meaning that specialist insight has become increasingly valuable. At present, Google are shouting loudly about the emergence of two new tools. We’ve taken a closer look.

The headline news here is that integrations with both Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 are on their way for Google AdWords advertisers, but what will the actual impact of this be?

Google Optimize

Let’s start with Optimize, which is a tool that makes it easier for website owners to carry out testing, examining the impact of changes on performance. The basic idea is that it becomes possible to quickly carry out tests, without having detailed technical knowledge available. The existing integration with Google Analytics enables a review of site data, providing information on which areas of the site might be improved. An additional area of Optimize that has become increasingly useful is the ability to create tailored content for custom audiences.

The additional integration with AdWords holds out some further opportunities: the focus is very much on improving the landing pages that you’re directing Google AdWords traffic to. The idea is that an advertiser can create a new landing page variation, test it against the existing landing page and then pick a winner. By further optimising over time, it’s possible to make incremental improvements to boost landing page performance. Ultimately, that should mean more leads and lower acquisition costs.

Surveys 360

With Surveys 360, Google is concentrating on the value that you can gain by pro-actively asking your customers for their views. The general principle behind Google Surveys 360 has been that it allows you to carry out surveys and market research. It’s quick to create, enabling you to get responses nice and easily, with a focus on a target audience. But the integration with AdWords offers something additional: you’ll now be able to upload your remarketing lists, so that you can actually get survey responses from those who are already visiting your website (or interacting in a particular way).

So why might you wish to have this enhanced functionality? One key reason would be to modify your marketing messages. You could test alternatives, for example, before making changes on your site (or within your AdWords account) to create messages that are more effective. In effect, Surveys 360 will allow you to take a shortcut: you’ll be using new messages, with confidence that what you are trying is much more likely to perform well.

Final thoughts

These dual integrations hold out the possibility of improving data capture, extending testing and improving conversion rates. As ever, it will mean committing some resources to making the most of these platforms, but the rewards could be impressive.

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