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Fine tune your Google Ads ad copy

Fine tune your Google Ads ad copy

Google ads which people find them most relevant are the ones which they perform best. You have once searched for some staff in the web, and after your search, there are some searches results, you tend to ignore because they are not of your interest. However, you always look for the information that you are interested in, and it is relevant. As a blogger or an online marketer, you ought to know what your customers want, and they look for. This article describes some things which you can do to improve your Google ads by focusing on your ads, campaigns, and make the client land on the most relevant page when searching for your staff.

Here are seven things you can do to improve the relevance of your ads to the customers. They are as follows:
1. Create specific groups for your ad
You should create various ad groups which are within your campaign, and each ad group ought to focus on a single service or product. By so doing, you will increase the relevance of your ads to the clients. Being specific is one way which can make a customer click your ad and have a look at rather than just making your ads general. The specificity of your ads improves its relevance. For example, a customer who loves phones is more likely to click an ad about phones than a general ad about electronics.

2. Ensure you carefully choose your keywords
Keywords are vital in creating an ad as it is what captures the sight and attention of the reader or client. Your keyword should be remarkable and specific. It should relate directly to your landing page and be specific to the theme of your ad groups. Using keywords which are more than two or three words is more effective than using a single word keyword. The keyword should be captivating to attract the attention of the client and make him, or her be curious to know more about your service or products. Keyword Planner is a useful app to add more keywords.

3. Include your keywords in the text
When writing your ad text, including the keywords and especially in the headline of the ad. This is helpful to show the customers that their search is directly relevant to your ad. When a person searches something on the web and sees some of his or her texts in your ad text, it gives them an assurance that your ad is most relevant to what they are looking for. Matching of the customer’s search words and your ad texts, makes the client to quickly click your website and have a look of what you provide.

4. Create Simple and enticing ads
Avoid using ambiguous language when writing your ad text, always use simple language, and make it enticing. Be frank in the type of services and products you offer and ensure that you describe any offers or promotions you provide. Describe your products or services and make them distinguishable from similar items on the market to secure a chance in the broader global market. If there are after sale services which you offer, highlight them too to win the customer’s interest.

5. Include a strong call-to-action
A strong call to action is essential in improving the relevance of your ad as it encourages the clients and users to click on your add. It also helps them to understand what they want to do once they tune to your landing page. This can improve the relevance of your ad and make your web get more visitors as they are guided what to do once they land on the website page. Some of the active call to action words include: sell, find, sign up, order, buy, and get a quote among many others.

6. Try out multiple ads
Use the different call to action phrases and offers to experiment with your advertisement and sees what the most effective one is. The Google system always rotates ads present in an ad group, and the one which is performing better is showed often. Over a period of time, certain ads will be performing better than other ads. With the system, you can identify the best performing ads and the one which is performing poorly hence making it possible to make changes.

7. Review your campaign performance on a regular basis
Ensure that you review the performance of your ad regularly as it helps figure out the best ways to improve its performance and achieve your goals. You can change an advertisement which is not receiving any response from the customers and try another one. In this course, it is all about trying and experimenting until you finally get the best performing ad, which will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.