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Take your Google Ads to the next level

Take your Google Ads to the next level

AdWords has grown to one of the most reliable tools for the generation of sales leads in online marketing. However, not every advertiser enjoys the benefits of investing in this platform. Do you fall into this category, or you want to improve your ROI?

A few tricks can help you achieve your desired goal. Here are sure tips on the clever ways to take your adverts to the next level with AdWords.

Understand How Google AdWords Works

AdWords is not a social media platform where you advertise your business and product at almost zero cost. It takes more money and time. Therefore, it is essential to understand what it can and cannot do from the beginning. You might be getting poor results because you are using the platform for the wrong purpose.

Experienced advertiser use AdWords for two reasons only, increasing conversion rates and reducing the cost of each conversion. It is, therefore, a suitable tool for only targeted, measurable, and urgent sales goals.

As a result, using AdWords for brand awareness campaigns is a sheer waste of your resources. Leave that for social media platforms.

Research on Your Audience

Every product idea sounds great to the entrepreneur. However, to get people to buy or even consider your product, you need to understand how they think, what they like, and where to find them.

Take time to understand your target market group. The research should include certain factors such as their income, buying behaviour, sites they visit, the words that appeal to them, and your competitors. Use the findings to create your buyer’s personas. You can find these details on AdWords without spending a cent.

Organise Your Keywords

By now, you might have some knowledge of keywords and their importance in online marketing. The AdWords keyword planner will help you find the right ones for your product and your industry.

Once you have a list of your keywords, do not put all of them in the AdWords keyword bucket. Instead, organise them into campaigns and groups. For example, if you deal in car imports, used cars and used Japanese car dealers should be in the same group while car-financing services should be in another.

Landing Page for Every Ad

Here is one place where most new advertisers make a mistake. Most of the time, the link on the advert leads to the home page. It is ineffective, if not self-defeating. Experts agree that the home page should be the last place your direct traffic.

The best practice is to create a landing page for every ad. The landing page should correspond to the keyword on the advert. For example, an ad link for car financing should not lead to car imports page.

Having a specific link will not only reduces your bounce rate but also inspire you to optimise the pages you already have.

Use Negative Words to Filter Broad Match Modifier Keywords

Advertisers differ on whether you should use exact match or broad match modifier keywords. However, one thing is clear; too broad keywords will quickly drain your budget while an exact match can be extremely limiting.

An excellent way of having the best of both worlds is to use negative words. It is a feature in AdWords that you can use to filter out your advert from featuring on irrelevant sites. For example, if your sell used Japanese cars, your ad may appear on searches for the latest Japanese cars, German cars, among others.

Once you know what searches your advert should not be displayed for then you can list these options as negative words. In this example, some of the words may include German cars, new cars, trade-ins, among others.

Location Targeting

In case your services are limited to a specific geographical area, you should limit your ads to searches in that geographic area. Otherwise, you will be paying for clicks by people who you cannot serve.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.