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Is your Google Ads campaign running out of steam?

Is your Google Ads campaign running out of steam?

Advertising an online business has now been simplified thanks to market evolution. You can now make use of the Google AdWords platform to showcase your business to the world. However, things are not always a walk in the park; you will not always get the massive traffic your competitors are enjoying unless you change your AdWords campaign strategy. So, is your Google Ads Campaign running out of steam? Follow these tips to boost your AdWords campaign performance.

Set Up a Conversion Tracking

Business owners need to track their advertising by setting up a conversion tracking. Not every keyword you make use of will convert; hence, you need to determine which one works and eliminate those that don’t. Tracking your ads is also the best way to improve your quality score and boost your Return On Investment.

To effectively track your advertising, make use of quality tracking programs that provide in-depth information. One of the commonly used tools is Google’s free conversion tracking tool. To use it, you first need to generate a conversion tracking tag from your Google AdWords account. Add the tag to your business site, and your webmaster will do the rest.

Make Use of RLSA in Different Campaigns

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a remarketing list that can be utilized to target past visitors when they return to search for relevant queries. Advertisers usually use RLSA in their original search campaigns and ad groups. They then set higher bid adjustments for visitors who are part of the list. This is an effective strategy that will boost your marketing, especially if you improve it further.

Advertisers need to split their search campaigns to RLSA and cold audience. Separate RLSA lists from your cold audience campaigns and focus on them in your RLSA campaigns. This strategy enables business owners to have full control over their RSLA bids. As a result, you can write ads differently since visitors are already familiar with your business.

Utilize Negative Remarketing Lists

Remarketing is a proven strategy that acquires users. A past visitor is more likely to click on your ad that converts than ‘cold’ user. Although using remarketing strategy is common, not so many advertisers think of negative remarketing. This means that you will exclude visitors who accessed your website but were not interested in your services.
Using a negative remarketing strategy ensures your ads are only displayed for relevant people to see. This excludes those that visit your jobs and other irrelevant pages of your website. As a result, you will add steam to your Google Ads campaign and give life to a dormant online business.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

One major mistake PPC advertisers make is to direct all their traffic to the website’s homepage. This means that visitors will have to make at least an additional click unless the homepage is the sales page. Consequentially, potential customers will back out of your site. To turn around your AdWords campaign and boost the conversion rate, consider setting up a simple landing page. Since the homepage cannot extensively capture each search query, it is crucial that you create landing pages specific to your keywords.

Add Targeted Keywords in Your Ads

What most advertisers don’t realize is that a good number of people searching the internet are web savvy. Since they have used the search engine before, they understand that site owners pay for advertising. This is the sole reason why most of them don’t click paid ads; they prefer organic results or websites that appear first. They consider these results as industry leaders. Inserting keywords, including the user’s searched-for keywords in your ad, will attract more attention as it matches their queries.

With these tips, your business will have what it takes to stand out from the competitors. Business owners need to understand that every day is a marketing day. As you consider implementing the above tips to boost your Google AdWords campaign, always evaluate the results every day, and adjust where necessary.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.