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Google Shopping Campaigns: Getting the Basics Right

Google Shopping Campaigns: Getting the Basics Right

Google shopping campaign is significant to anyone running an e-commerce website. With a proper setup, the shopping campaign can make your products much more visible on the internet, and this will help you attract prospective customers. The campaigns display your products to internet users after a search for a particular word is initiated by the internet user. This means that they can view what you are offering on the Google results page and if it pleases them, they will visit your site to purchase. It is thus a fundamental way to market your products and increase your online sales.

How to set up Google shopping campaigns
Setting up Google shopping Campaigns is not as easy as most people think. It requires time and patience for you to go through the whole process. But once you have established a google shopping campaign, you will be impressed by its effectiveness. They tend to have a more significant impact on e-commerce website when compared to text marketing. Below are the steps you require to follow when setting up Google Shopping campaigns.

Create a Google Merchant Center for your eCommerce website
You will have to open a google merchant centre before proceeding to any other step. To do so, visit google merchants’ platform and provide them with your business information. You will then have to verify your website and go through the google merchant terms and conditions. Through the account, Google will be able to obtain your product listing data that will be used to create the Google shopping campaigns. It is thus crucial that you fill in every detail required. Some of the information you will have to provide when creating a google merchant account include your country, the name of your online store as well as the URL of the store, among other information.

Set-up rules concerning tax and shipping of your products
This is an essential part, especially if you are not from the USA. The tax and shipping settings will indicate whether there is any tax to be collected or shipping rates to be charged. To do so, click on general settings then continue to tax rates. Once you sort it out, it will automatically reflect on your products.

Link Your AdWords
On the dashboard available on your merchant centre account, go to settings then click AdWords. This will provide you with an option to link your AdWords. You, however, need to make sure that you the IDs to your AdWords for you to connect the accounts. Linking AdWords is a simple process that will take you very few minutes.

Set up your campaign
You need to be very smart when setting up your Google shopping campaign. First, come up with a name for your campaign and then indicate the priority level. The level can be low, medium or high. Finish by typing in the number of your campaign in the space provided. Remember, you will need different campaign setups for different countries. In case there are similar campaign levels from numerous online stores with similar products, Google will go for the one with the highest bid.

Select products to be whose information will be included in your product feed
For Google to come up with incredible and meaningful Google shopping campaigns, you will need to select products for your product feed. For starters, include products that have fewer completions, high selling products and entry products. This way, you will be able to know which products to add in your coming campaigns and how well to combine them for you to come up with excellent results.

Come up with product groups
Coming up with product groups that are both segmented and structured is very important. You can base the group on product type, custom labels, brand and category. Make sure you use a single AdGroup for each Campaign. Taking such a direction will ensure that your product groups are well optimized and manageable. Product groups are also essential when it comes to the success of your AdWords.

Ensure your Google Shopping Campaigns are optimized
Once you are done opening a merchant centre account, linking your AdWords and coming up with product groups, start optimizing your google shopping campaigns. This is what will determine the success of your google shopping campaign. You will require enough data for you to optimize your Google shopping campaigns. That is why you have to link google analytics to AdWords. You will also have to access the appropriate product reports as well as track your conversion. With those three, you will be able to have every detail you need to optimize your Google shopping campaigns.

Those are so far the steps that you need to take to set up google shopping campaigns as well as to perform optimization.

Reasons why you need to use google shopping campaigns
There are quite several reasons as to why you need to make use of google shopping campaigns. Some of the main reasons include:
·      The Campaigns have a higher chance of increasing traffic to your eCommerce website
·      Google shopping campaigns can increase your conversion rate in no time
·      Your products become visible to a massive number of prospect customers
·      You get to increase the number of times you appear on Google Search Engine Results Page popularly known as SERPs
·      It is the best way to widen your market base
·      With Google Shopping Campaigns, prospect customers don’t have to visit your website to know what kind of products you are offering

Google Shopping Campaign is one of the easiest ways to make your products visible to the online market. With the right budget and strategy, you will be able to lure in prospect clients and increase the rate of conversion in no time. You, however, need to be conversant with the procedure to set up as well as monitor google shopping campaigns for you to yield the results you are expecting. It tends to be very technical, but with the above information, you will not only be able to come up with the best search engine results but also increase your revenue.

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Vanessa Simms
Vanessa writes on a range of subjects for the Search South blog, but has a strong focus on her core interest area of Google AdWords management best practices.