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Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

From an SEO point of view, it seems that local search optimization has received a lot more coverage in the US than it has in the UK to date. This means that, for those who are looking to dominate local search in the UK, there’s a clear competitive advantage from making an early move.

When we’re talking to owners of small businesses about their requirements for search engine placement services, we often find that surprisingly few are really making the most of the opportunities available in their local area.

Why should this be? In some senses, we might feel that the Internet encourages us to “think big”. We may feel that it gives us the chance to make sales on a nationwide, or even global, scale.

Although this is certainly true, it’s also the case that you’ll be facing more competition if you try to target a broader area. That’s simply because there are likely to be more rival firms doing the same thing. There’s a lot to be said for establishing yourself as the key player in a local market.

People often want to know how many searches are carried out for particular terms on Google and the other search engines. The big numbers can sound impressive and may sometimes encourage business owners to target terms that are incredibly competitive.

While local searches will produce less visitors, they may well produce higher conversion rates and better value for money. Many of us like to deal with other local people and businesses.

That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the power of local search optimization services.

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