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Video campaign management getting easier?

Video campaign management getting easier?

For regular readers of our blog posts, there will be an appreciation that much of our focus tends to be on text and display ads. There’s a fairly simple reason for that: 90% of UK advertisers tend to make use of approaches that cover at least one of these. But video ads are big business too and are increasing in popularity.

What’s stopped growth from occurring at an earlier stage? We think that a number of factors have had some form of impact here, but the most obvious element is that there’s a lack of accessibility. AdWords, in particular, has tended to be seen as being extremely accessible and was promoted in this manner. At least, it was in the early years. It’s become increasingly obvious over time that it’s not quite so simple as many small business owners originally hoped!

But there has, nevertheless, been an assumption that it’s relatively easy to get those ads up on Google and partner sites. But YouTube and video? This has been rather a different matter.

Within this context, the latest news from Google that things are about to get that bit easier can only be seen as a positive. Adwords scripts support is coming.

Do we hear excited voices? Possibly not, since the additional functionality here is very much aimed at experienced users. Those with programming know-how will now be able to make bulk changes to their campaigns that bit more easily. This may mean that some texts will happen more quickly, which could filter through in the form of lower management fees. But the reality is that, despite the fanfare, many end users won’t be celebrating just yet.

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