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Improved ad extensions for Google AdWords

Improved ad extensions for Google AdWords

Sometimes Google AdWords improvements are rolled out so quietly that it can be easy to miss them. Had you, for instance, noticed the all new and improved sitelinks experience? In fairness, if you don’t happen to pay close attention to AdWords listings when browsing using a mobile device, then these changes may have passed you by.

The increase in mobile searches has been having quite an impact on various elements of Google’s services. Their own data points to the fact that 65% of us expect to receive instantaneous information when using a smartphone: it seems that patience isn’t something that appeals any more! Sitelinks can provide the sort of immediacy that users want, directing them immediately to the most relevant pages on a website. They can also help an AdWords ad to stand out from the crowd.

But it appears that not everyone has spotted the presence of these sitelinks and clicked on them. Which is where the latest upgrade comes in: they’ve been experimenting with the use of buttons and larger text links. So, if you’re viewing ads on a mobile, then things may have started to look a bit different.

It’s not just in the world of sitelinks that such changes are occurring. Callouts and snippets are now being integrated into ad copy paragraphs (when viewed from mobile devices), instead of being included in separate lines. Yet more changes designed to improve the mobile experience.

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