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Bing Pay Per Click Ads Explained

Bing Pay Per Click Ads Explained

A good number of businesses use Google Ads platform for online advertising. However, Bing offers an alternative and is advantageous in many ways. Given that Google is the leader in the online advertising platforms with products like Pay Per Click, it tends to be very expensive especially on keywords that have a lot of competition. Therefore, most businesses are not able to advertise effectively using these keywords.

On average, you will find the cost of a click being 30-40% less on Bing that it is on Google AdWords. The cost may translate to hundreds of Pounds in higher than average cost-per-click industries such as legal and some medical services.

What are Other Advantages of Bing? 

Bing Ads have Higher Granular Control at Campaign and the Ad Group Settings

Bing allows advertisers to schedule their campaigns according to the time zones of the selected audience. This makes it easier to schedule ads especially if you are advertising internationally or across a vast region.

When it comes to settings, Google allows you to schedule ads, location and network on the campaign level settings. Should you want to change the settings, you would need to change the campaign or add another one. However, these settings are available at the ad group level in Bing, thereby doing away with the hustle of having to create another campaign.

Availability of Better Device Targeting Options

Google has been forcing advertisers to target all devices in their enhanced campaigns platform. While some ads can be adjusted for mobile devices, there is no way that one can opt out of tablets and desktop searches. Bing has a better way of targeting users such that advertisers can target their devices for a better reach. This allows them to narrow down to the groups of interest for their ads.

Better Control on Search Demographics 

Google Ads give you a chance to view and control the demographic targeting on the Google Display Network. However, this is not available on the search network except for the age parameters. Bing allows you to control the age and gender of the people who see your ads. You can control the targeting on ad group and campaign levels.

Bing Coverage Stats

Currently, Bing powers about 34 percent of the monthly desktop searches in the US and a little over 30 percent around the world. It receives around 11 billion searches every year from around the globe with 60 million that do not use Google at all. Estimates have reported that 27 percent of the clicks on the network are exclusive to the Bing Network. This number keeps going bigger given that most people who have Bing on Microsoft PCs do not bother installing other search engines on their PCs.

Bing Network is more than the search engine and ads. It has several apps that are used daily such as Windows 10, Cortana and Office programs. It has also partnered with Amazon for device searches and also works with Spotlight and Siri, among others. On the browser, Bing works with MSN and Yahoo search engines to give results that add to the number of devices its reaches. All of these give it a wealth of information about numerous individuals, which is critical to the success of your online advertising.

How Bing Ads Work 

As said earlier, Bing uses the same CPC model as Google Ads. You bid against other businesses on keywords that internet users make use of to get search results. You then make a payment when a user clicks your ad in the course of their surfing. The cost per click depends on how competitive the search term is.

When your business advertises on Bing, the ads are displayed on the Bing search results at the top of the search page. The ad can also appear in one or more of the network partners that include Fox Sports, CNBC or the Wall Street Journal. Bing presents the ads in the same format as the organic results where there is a header and body text. The only difference between organic results and paid ads is the word ‘Ad’ that appear on the left of the header.

How Do You Set Up a Campaign on Bing Ads 

Bing has a straightforward process of opening an account when creating your first ad. Here are the steps.

• Create an account: Search Bing Ads on your device and click the ‘Sign Up now’ button on the left top side. Then, fill your details.
• Create a New Account: Create an ads account to start a campaign. Bing also allows you to import data from Google Ads if you had an account with Google.
• Do a Keyword Research: Use the Bing keyword research tool to do keyword researches. This tool gives you a preview of estimated bids and the search volume. From this information, you can deduce which keywords have high traffic competition among keywords and frequency of clicks. You will also get suggestions based on your initial keywords.
• Create a Campaign: You can import a campaign from Google AdWords or create a new one. Create the name of the campaign, language and location.
• Create a Goal: Pick the best goal according to the marketing goals. Explore new goals beyond visits to the website especially if you are a retail business.
• Choose Campaign Settings: At this point, you will set a budget and choose your language. You can also edit the details of the Campaign you put earlier as well as put the location target. In the same spot, you can exclude locations you do not want ads.
• Create Ad Groups: This is a subset of the overall campaign. For example, a car dealer may have different keywords for various brands that he sells, business locations or services.
• Choose the Keyword Match Type: A Keyword match is a word that the user searches that should trigger the ad. Since internet users may not be using exact words as you have used in the ads, you need to allow Bing to determine which variations point to the same need.
• Write your ads: Create ads on the given space. Remember to add a call to action and be concise. You can create a variation ad to test the most effective call to action. Bing allows you to add extensions or links where users can click for more information.
• Enter the Maximum Bids and Payment Information: Set the bid amounts for various keywords that you use so that you give priority to the most important one. Finish off by adding the payment information after saving the campaign.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.