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When did you last review your Landing Pages?

When did you last review your Landing Pages?

Creating an effective landing page for a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that persuades visitors to follow through with a Call To Action (CTA) can produce positive results for as much as two to three years. After that time, analytics will typically indicate a serious decline in conversions. As a landing page is a vital component of any marketer’s advertising strategy and profits, it’s important to conduct a review as honestly as possible to identify the source of the problem. Only then can you implement some appropriate improvements to restore the success of your landing page.


All types of web content from landing pages to blog posts benefit from being regularly refreshed. Exciting new material gets noticed much more quickly by search engines as well as arresting the attention of your visitors. If your landing page has been on display for a few years it has inevitably become stale. Even regular visitors will regard the format as dull and go elsewhere in search of offers or information that’s exciting and up to date. Marketing trends are constantly evolving, a fact that needs to be reflected in your landing page by introducing revised measures. Consider what types of offers or discounts visitors might find appealing on your rivals’ pages to help you include the vibrant, relevant information that your target audience will find hard to resist. Investing in an effective landing page that’s bursting with originality will inevitably make a favourable impact on visitors and search engines alike.


If your landing page realised many of your expectations when it was launched it’s success is bound to have been noticed by your competitors. After all, how many ambitious marketers haven’t used various analytical resources to spy on the progress of their rivals? If your competitors notice that your advertising content is producing dynamic results they may resort to plagiarising your landing page. It’s a cost-effective procedure that brings them instant results by luring away your potential traffic. You can satisfy your curiosity about duplicated material by using a plagiarism tool that searches for copies of your content. By refreshing your own landing page on a regular basis you’ll be able to keep a step or two ahead of your imitators.


Well-motivated marketers who are striving to be creative and innovative will often analyse your landing page and others to discover an effective strategy they can develop themselves. They’ll scrutinise everything from how your page layout has been designed to the structural network of your backlinks. Then annoyingly, they’ll create an improved version that presents customers with an exciting landing page format that draws them away from your page. Conducting an honest review of the shortcomings of your own landing page then comparing it to others might help you realise that your message no longer appears to be as direct as you once thought. It’s particularly important to reassess your Call To Action and consider how to make it more effectively direct.


Consider what improvements you can introduce to ensure your landing page regains its former success rate. Does it currently offer more than one Call To Action such as signing up for a newsletter or accessing a downloadable e-book? Reducing the number of outbound links is the first place to start as it provides your visitors with a clear, simplified message. Presenting multiple outbound links that have different offers or redirect your visitors to various pages within your website are confusing. By only having one outbound link or Call To Action you focus your visitors’ attention on what you want them to do and gives your landing page a 1:1 conversion ratio. Always assign a new landing page to each different type of Call To Action.


When you review the existing content of your landing page does the advertising headline of your Pay Per Click campaign integrate smoothly? Perhaps it could be adapted to ensure a more precise match between your advertising message and your Call To Action. Visitors with a clear impression of what your landing page and Pay Per Click advert are trying to convey will be tempted to stay longer and with every passing second they are more inclined to follow through with a conversion. If your presentation indicates any form of confused message, visitors are more likely to return to a previous page to try and clarify the situation. The resulting bounce can be a lost visitor and a missed opportunity for a conversion.


A successful Pay Per Click campaign relies on a landing page that retains the attention of large volumes of visitors. By reviewing its content on a regular basis you can improve and refine its message. Refreshing your landing page can help to win back visitors through creating original content that’s as yet uncopied. Keeping pace with ambitious rivals by incorporating ideas that mirror the ever-changing trends in marketing is a valuable part of maintaining an effective landing page.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.