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Does Your About Page Convert?

Does Your About Page Convert?

PPC and SEO have been the most utilised components when it comes to creating traffic, likes, followers, and buyers. However, little is done on the About Us page. This particular page is very important since it gives the company or business an excellent opportunity to sell itself to potential customers. It is of great essence that the About Us page does not act as an additional blank script to be filled with unnecessary remarks. To be able to sell your company on the About Us page, you have to show utmost honesty and integrity.

Outline of the About Us Page

Here are some things you should include in your About Us page:

  • A biography of the business owner
  • A history of your company
  • Information on what you do
  • An introduction to the top employees
  • Some fun facts on your business
  • Any industry associations or recognition you have received from other organisations
  • Your affiliations

The page should begin with a story- a short story of how the business came to be. This part is crucial as it can show the level of sustainability of the business. You can then get into detail about the history of the owner of the business. Many people will choose to work with a company if the owner seems competent and highly qualified for their line of work.

To be able to successfully profile your company and your level of expertise in your field, you should employ the ‘just like you’ method in your description. This is the ability to demonstrate to your readers and seekers that you are the best in your entire industry.

Coming across as a straightforward and honest business has a positive impact on your business. It creates an instant connection with the reader and starts the relationship on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. This is where customer loyalty is achieved.

Why Should You Include Your Achievement in the About Us Page?

Your achievements are the milestones that you have taken ever since the point of inception. It is essential to show how much you have achieved as that can show potential clients that you deliver high-quality services. Make sure you also include any awards you have received from notable organisations.

You should note that in describing your company, the ‘just like you’ approach best fits the middle-sized businesses. The critical point to avoid when talking of one’s achievements is the bragging part. Big companies typically have outstanding track records, and hence the ‘just like you’ approach may be mistaken for bragging.

In the About Us page, you should create a connection with your potential clients and try to keep up with the customers’ demands. With a good connection, onlookers and visitors will be highly likely to be converted to customers.

Things to Remember when Creating the About Us Page

The most important thing to know on the About Us page is that we seek to create a connection with both clients and potential clients through good theming and useful content. A very good About Us page has to be done with the utmost professionalism. Clients and potential clients need to be convinced that they have to use your products and services. You should clearly show what makes you stand out from your competitors. They ought to know that they are making the best choice when it comes to choosing to be your client.

You should also include ratings and reviews from past clients. This will provide social proof and will grow your customer base. When people can relate to your services and virtues, it automatically generates a brand, and that is what we all would love to achieve here.

The business name and brand name ought to be interesting, and they should also roll off the tongue. The About Us story can begin with a simple thing like the name of the business. A little history and background on the name would even be more captivating for viewers. You can use this tactic to captivate viewers and potential clients.

A good About Us page should also tell customers what you do and how you do it. Customer confidence is of great importance as they ought to know what they are buying from you. This will have the effect of creating a future trend of possible sales.


Information is paramount in business. Your About Us page should contain the most important information on your business and team. It should not be spoiled by giving too much boring or unnecessary data on your company. In fact, customers are usually interested in more than just your business. The page should promote good business relationships with your clients. In this section of your site, customers should know that you are the best company in your industry. The About Us page should never be neglected as it can easily hurt or grow your business.

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Vanessa Simms
Vanessa writes on a range of subjects for the Search South blog, but has a strong focus on her core interest area of Google AdWords management best practices.