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LinkedIn Advertising: An Insight

LinkedIn Advertising: An Insight

LinkedIn is a digital social platform designed for professional networking. While this social networking platform is commonly used in building professional connections, it is also a very useful advertising tool. In addition to having other online marketing tools such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, marketers can also use LinkedIn as an advertising tool.

LinkedIn provides an audience with business professional from different sectors. Therefore, marketers who would like their adverts to reach business professionals can use LinkedIn to increase their return on investment. This article will give you all the tips necessary to help you make your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn more effective.

Learn and Get Tips on LinkedIn Advertising.

Why LinkedIn Advertising?

• Target Audience

LinkedIn has over 550million professionals from over 200 countries. Among the registered members, over 40% of them are active members who use this platform on a daily basis. The good news to marketers is that the LinkedIn campaign manager (personal dashboard) enables you to select your audience based on the specified categories.

Specific targeting enhanced by LinkedIn, allows marketing campaigns to reach the targeted group of people. The campaign manager allows you to select your audience by location, interests or the nature of their profession.

• Easy to Create Ads

LinkedIn marketing solutions gives an easy way to not only creating ads with ease but also creating effective ads that come with great benefits. To start with, LinkedIn offers a variety of ads to choose from; they range from text ads, video ads, image ads, spotlight ads, to job ads and carousel ads. LinkedIn allows you to customize these ads in a way that best suits your brand, your products and your target audience.
Creation of these ads is categorized into two; LinkedIn marketing partner ads and self-service ads. The self-service ads are created by marketers using their already existing LinkedIn accounts via their dashboards, commonly known as the campaign manager. LinkedIn marketing partner ads, on the other hand, are created by help from LinkedIn experts. These experts come with different ads technologies, tools, and content development styles.

• Performance Measurement

You would want to know how far you’ve gone in reaching your target audience, right? The LinkedIn campaign manager enables you to track how far your ads have gone. It also helps you see how people have interacted with your ads. The campaign manager metrics will help you assess and measure member’s interaction in the form of clicks, impressions or spends.

How Do You Advertise On LinkedIn?

You now have in-depth knowledge of what LinkedIn advertising has to offer. You would want to know how to carry out your advertising on LinkedIn. Well, the process is simple.

• Create Your Campaign Manager Account

If you do not have a LinkedIn account then you will need to create one. This is where your advertising business takes place.

• Set Up Your Preferred Ad Format

Your ad campaign begins with choosing an ad format of choice. LinkedIn offers three formats namely Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, and Sponsored Content. The good news is that you can select a mix of the three formats for a greater impact.

• Create Your Ads

Any of the ad formats you select introduces you into creating your ads of choice. Campaign Manager will give you step-to-step instructions on how to go about ad creation.

• Select The Audience for Your Ads

After creating your ads, it is important to specify where and to whom you want your ads to reach. The Campaign Manager takes you to a screen with target options such as member gender, member groups, member skills, and job titles among others.

• Set Up Your Budget

LinkedIn offers you three budget options; Cost Per Click (CPC) for action-based campaigns, Cost Per Send (CPS) for Sponsored InMail, and Cost Per Impression (CPM) for awareness creation.

• Performance Measurement and Optimization

Your ads are now up and running. It is time to evaluate how your ad campaign is fairing. You can track your campaigns at any time and see the progress of your campaigns. The analysis of your conversion rates will also be visible to you. That way, you will get to know how effective your marketing campaigns are and whether your ads are giving you a return on investment.

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