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5 Great Search Engine Marketing Blogs

In the world of search engine marketing, even seasoned experts continue to learn more each day. With advertising platforms changing so frequently, not to mention high levels of activity within some industry sectors, it’s an absolute necessity to keep up to date. So where do we turn when we want the latest information on Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing developments? Here’s our list of the top 5 sources of news, views and insights:

Search Engine Land


The Search Engine Land website has been bookmarked here at Search South for quite some years: for those who aren’t familiar with the site, it deals with all elements of the search engine world, together with increasing coverage of social media topics. We tend to head straight for the dedicated SEM section – that’s not because we’re not interested in the rest of the content, but simply reflects a desire to extract core information as quickly as possible.

For the most part, new posts tended to be added roughly once or twice a day at present. You can also sign up for their daily Search Cap. They have good coverage of all elements of search engine marketing, from industry surveys to more detailed technical pieces.

Inside AdWords


Do you want the official word from Google? Forget about rumours and suggestions: with Inside AdWords, you get the latest information and announcements direct from Google. Those of us within PPC agencies are often fortunate enough to be in touch with Google account reps and other representatives of the search engine giant. But for those in smaller agencies, or small businesses desperately attempting to run their own AdWords advertising campaigns, this is the place to find out about current developments and feature releases.

Inside AdWords is the number one source of official information from #Google Click To Tweet

The regularity of updates at Inside AdWords largely depends upon how much news is there is to be released. It’s typically updated around once per week.

Search Engine Watch


Another good, authority site on the world of search engines. Their PPC section is worth a read, although it’s probably updated a little less frequently than the equivalent section within Search Engine Land. But the articles that are produced tend to be detailed and offer real insights, even for experienced PPC consultants.

PPC Hero


Now, we like this one a lot! PPC Hero is a blog that is entirely dedicated to search engine marketing. The focus here is very much on technical advice and detailed guidance, which is why we visit PPC Hero so frequently. Possibly of less use to those who aren’t quite as embedded in the world of PPC, but a must-read for us.

Wordstream Blog


You may already know about Wordstream’s software, which is pretty well known in the world of SEO and PPC. But have you visited their blog recently? It’s much more than a sales pitch for their business, but does reflect many of the questions that get asked by their users. Another that is certainly worth a read.

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Keith Barrett
With more than 15 years of digital marketing experience, Keith Barrett is a fully Certified Google AdWords Partner. Offering insights into the world of PPC marketing in the UK, Keith is a Senior Consultant here at Search South. If you'd like to hear more of Keith's thoughts, then you can subscribe to our newsletter.