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Quickly improve key elements of your Google Ads account

Quickly improve key elements of your Google Ads account

The two most important things for every Google AdWords account are increasing your conversion rate and reducing the cost of each conversion. Investing more money helps with the former but without the latter, your business will lose money overall.

To help prevent that, these tips will teach you how to make your AdWords investment work harder on your behalf so you can earn more without spending more.

Work Backwards from the Point of Purchase

Working backwards, or reverse engineering means starting from the desired result. Imagine that your customer has just purchased something from your site and then ask your self how they got there. What were they doing right before the purchase? Wha did they see when they arrived on your site? What brought them to your site in the first place?

When customers buy something, the process is divided into five stages. Awareness, consideration, interest, preference and purchase. During each stage, the customer will be asking themselves questions. You need to figure out what these questions are and then make sure your answers are equipped to answer them. Start with narrow purchase questions like “How long will this take to reach me?” and work backwards to broader questions in the earlier sections like “Do you have what I need?”.

Employ Remarketing as a Tool

A lot of people who visit your site are going to leave without ever really interacting with it. This is perfectly normal and happens to every single business, no matter how large. People are indecisive and as many as 70% will abandon a partially-filled digital shopping cart.

This is actually good news. Anyone who got that far into using your site did so for a reason. Often, all you have to do is remind them of what that was and they will return and often complete whatever their original intention was. Feel free to be more aggressive in your retargeted ads since anyone seeing them is more susceptible to the message after visiting your site before.

Optimise Your Landing Page

Your ad determines how many people will click a link and end up at your site. Your landing page is the most important thing in determining how many of those click-throughs are converted to customers. Customers that do not like what they see will leave your site immediately.

Optimise your landing page with rigorous testing processes. Examine each and every element in turn and use methods like A/B testing to see if changes generate a positive reaction. Even simple things like the colour and shape of buttons make a difference. Remember that the page must still function as a cohesive unit once finished. A collection of individual items and features that people like may not work well together so test that too.

Match Your Landing Pages to your Ad Copy

When your users click on the link in the ad they have certain expectations. They want to see whatever it is they were just being informed about. For example, advertising a sale on a physical product should lead straight to that exact product with sale reductions clearly displayed.

The same applies to digital services. Key elements of your ad like its title must be reflected on your landing page. The title is likely the part of the ad that grabbed your customer’s attention and engaged their interest. If it is not displayed on the landing page they will not see any reason to remain. The same is true for keywords. Figure out the most important words in your ad and make sure they are displayed prominently somewhere on the associated landing page.

These simple tips are an easy way to quickly improve your Google ads account. The key lies in making your users’ lives as easy as possible. That means helping people that found you once find you again, providing a positive landing page experience and making sure the landing page matches their expectations.

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Peter Johnson
Peter is a Google AdWords specialist, with associated skills in Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Advertising.