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Facebook Ads

Advertisers should be very happy about the open competition between Google and Facebook since it encourages both companies to up their game. Even though Google probably has the edge right now (since it's no secret that Facebook itself is struggling and heavily dependent on Instagram), Facebook is still putting up enough of a fight to encourage Google to stay on point as has been demonstrated by the latest changes to Google Ads. Here is a quick...

No doubt you’ll already have heard about the latest, and some would say biggest, scandal to hit social media company Facebook. In an exposé made by the Guardian newspaper it was revealed that the data of around 85 million of its users was acquired unethically by analytics company Cambridge Analytica. Worse than that, it would seem that the company then used this data to skew the opinions of voters in the run up to the US Presidential...

For both big brands and small businesses, Facebook is an advertising goldmine. With access to all of the 2.2 billion users currently active on the platform, there are few marketing tools that can pack a punch quite as impressive as this social network. Last year, for the first time, the number of Facebook advertisers passed the five million mark, proving just how widespread this marketing stream has become. This growth has been exponential, ramping up around 50...