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The Changing Nature of SEO

The Changing Nature of SEO

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) rarely stands still, as has been particularly evident in recent months. The UK scene is dominated by Google, with figures suggesting that the Internet giant has more than 85% of the UK search market.

What this means for business owners is that changes within Google can have a wide effect. This is why many search engine marketing consultants have been paying close attention to the series of Google algorithm changes, which have been collectively known as the Panda updates.

In a sense, some things never change. The way in which Google produces its results constantly changes and always will do. Despite this, it’s clear that SEO experts need to keep on top of all such changes. Our own small business SEO campaigns have certainly been modified as a result of data gathered.

Reacting to changes

If you’re operating a website, then how should you be reacting to any changes of this nature? In simple terms, our view is that, if you’re used to building websites for human consumption, then carry on as you were – you should experience few changes here.

Problems may occur for those who have spent too much time concentrating on what the search engines want. If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to think again about your strategy.

Google tends to favour websites that are popular, fresh and that offer a quality experience. Sometimes, it’s necessary to stand back and to take an objective look at our own sites. Are they meeting these aims?

One guide may be to examine the bounce rate on your site, which should be available within your Analytics package. If you’re finding that many visitors to your site, when sent by the search engines, are immediately leaving, then this is a pretty good indication that they’re not getting what they want. It may be time for a change of approach.

Think about how your site is being discovered and what individual users are likely to be looking for. Are you providing it? There could be an opportunity here to change the content of your website – alternatively, you might look to send those visitors on to a more appropriate site.

This is an example of how you should be concentrating on what your visitors want. If you’re not doing that right now, then it makes sense to change things a little. This isn’t just about impressing the search engines – it’s also about helping to build the authority of your site. This can help you to generate an increased level of leads over time.


The search engine landscape will continue to change. Right now, Google leads the way and changes on that search engine will have an impact on many businesses. It makes sense to ensure that you’re following best practice.

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